First light: Bresser Mikrocam 9.0 on Zeiss IM microscope

I have found out today why this high resolution microscopic camera was so cheap on Astroboot! It only has drivers for Windows XP and Vista – and do what I may I could not get them to work on Windows 7. Therefore, to get it working, I have had to pull out an old Windows XP laptop (from the Ark!) and it does work with this – sometimes you need to hang onto these things and not upgrade everything. It has now become the Bresser Mikrocam computer but does make the camera somewhat bulkier to carry around.

First light images are quite reasonable although some dust I will need to remove later. Initially, I did not work out how to change the white balance so the marble images below all have a blue colouration whereas (once I found the white balance correction button in the software) the Teschenite pictures are far better.

Both marble and Teschenite are from Scotland – 30 micron thin microscopic sections.


Bresser-Mikrocam-9-0-image-Croc-Mor-Marble-221017-x4.bmp (below):

Bresser-Mikrocam-9-0-image-Croc-Mor-Marble-221017-x10.bmp (below):

Bresser-Mikrocam-9-0-image-Croc-Mor-Marble-221017-x32.bmp (below):

Bresser-Mikrocam-9-0-image-Croc-Mor-Marble-221017-x40.bmp (below):

Bresser-Mikrocam-9-0-image-Lugar-Ayrshire-Teschenite-221017×4.bmp (below):


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