First Light 6″RC

This is my first attempt with my new iOptron 6 inch Ritchey Chretien. It took a while to get the system to work but I managed to get 30x2minute subs in Luminace. Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker, then Fits Liberator and finally PC. (sorry about the dust bot, but I was more interested in getting the system to work). The final image has only about a 10% crop, so this is pretty much the full field of view using the Atik 314L+. I’m pleased with the image as the focusing is a tad fine so I guess I’ll have to look at getting a motor focuser. I’m going to add colour as soon as I can.

New System:

iOptron 6″ RC @ f9 with Atik314L+

Guided by Takahashi Epsilon 180 with Atik4021 !!!!!!!!!

Filters 1.25″ Astronomic


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  1. Be interesting to see what your colour image looks like, Geoff. True colour as oposed to false colour in DSOs is an interesting concept. If you type “m51” into the blog search box you will see various RAG members efforts. If you Google M51 images an even bigger variety of colours turns up! Unsurprisingly, blue in the spiral arms is a common theme.

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