First attempts at darkfield microscopy using plastic darkfield filters from ebay 13/5/2017

  • Zeiss IM microscope
  • 20x brightfield objective
  • Calibration slide
  1. One photo with no filter
  2. Second photo using plastic 32mm filter before condenser – this is matt black with crescent shaped hole cut into one side – I tried ones with various sized central obstructions and seemed to make little difference! This is a set of filters purchased from ebay this week for £12.

There seems to be a slight difference with features on slide put into some relief – but perhaps I am imagining it!


Zeiss-IM-microscope-20x-brightfield-objective-brightfield-no-filter-130517.bmp (below):

Zeiss-IM-microscope-20x-brightfield-objective-brightfield-crescent-shaped-darkfield-filter-130517.bmp (below):

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