First attempt at determing frequencies of lines on my spectrum of RELCO Glow starter lamp taken with Science Surplus DIY Spectrometer

This post follows from this post in which I took the spectrum used in the analysis below:

First calibration spectra from RELCO neon starter bulb (RECLO SC 480 S53993) taken with Science Surplus DIY Spectrometer 9/9/2018

I compared the spectrum I took using my Science Surplus DIY Spectrometer of my modified RELCO SC 480 starter bulb calibration light with the spectrum found in

I think I have managed to identify a few of the lines.

The spectra in the image below from top to bottom are:

I have attempted to link matching lines together across the spectra.


Although I have had some success identifying a few lines above, I decided to see if I could use the Fraunhofer lines in the solar spectrum to help me identify others.

In the following post, I have tried to do this:

Calibrating spectrometers – using solar spectrum as gold standard


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