First attempt at calibrating DIY Spectrometer using Compact Fluorescent bulb

The problem with this calibration is that relationship between pixels on x-axis and wavelength is not a simple y=Ax+B for slit-based spectrometers. I used a variation of Dr Elliott’s calibration Excel spreadsheet here which does assume that this relationship holds. I need to create a spreadsheet that allows generation of higher order equations. The DIY Spectrometer control panel will accept two higher orders if available, improving accuracy.

My calibration today used a linear equation.


Click on link below to download calibration files from today, including my calibration Excel spreadsheet for generating the equation and A & B from readings off the spectrum of a calibration light source:

Calibrating DIY Spectrometer 090818@1400

Screenshot from Spectrum Studio (below) (control software for DIY Spectrometer) – the spectrum is one I have taken of a Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb. I am attempting to identify the elements of a line on the spectrum using the line identification function in the software – yellow line.

Note that spectrum covers a narrower range than CCDSPEC as the defraction grating is 1800 lines/mm in the DIY Spectrometer rather than CCDSPEC’s 600 lines/mm.

Comparison spectrum taken approx. 10 days ago with CCDSPEC (below):

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