Finding Pluto – An adventure in time and space

After noting Rob’s attempt at observing Pluto, I tried to image it myself, with a similar lack of success.

The only option, then, is to visit the pesky (non-) planet.

So visiting York today, and noting this sign:

I employed a trusty British electrically-driven starship

As well as 3 levels of assistance to the impulse drive (aka pedals), it has a secret “warp” button. So after imbibing Captain Picard’s favourite Earl Grey tea from the thermos – er – replicator, and uttering “Engage” and “Make it so”, I pressed the button. We soon arrived at Pluto, where fortunately it had been re-instated.

The last time here someone, probably Romulan, had stolen it. (

I was then intrigued by this sign:

So pressing the “warp” button again, off we went.

We soon overtook Voyager,

and crossed the Yorkiopause into the outer darkness, also known as Selby.

Here a mysterious wormhole crossing sometimes known as the “Selby rail swing bridge” was observed, where a transport vehicle suddenly de-cloaked, and thundered across the wormhole.

It was now time to return to normal space. So we re-entered the normal solar system domain at Neptune,

Pluto, of course having been relegated to the second division.


If anyone is interested here is the route pointer.


You might “get your kicks on route sixty-six” but you can “stay alive on route sixty-five”!

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