Evening of full sky.

Swadlincote. 15/03/17. C6r. 24mm, 5.5mm & 4.5mm eps.

How soon the Moon wanes and leaves darker skies. Having a look around and some Messier’s to start with.
Looking west , Orion with M42 and the “37” cluster of NGC 2169, reversed in the frac view. Taurus, nearly upright with bright Aldebaran, Hyades and Pleiades and a view of M1. Auriga and a lovely view of M37, the jewel of these clusters. Into Perseus and the double cluster and over to Cassiopeia brushing the roof next door.
In the north , Ursa Major standing on its tail with Canes Venatici, a bright Bode’s and M94.
In the east Arcturus leading Bootes , up to M3. Leo high with two of the Triplet and the smudge of NGC 2903 in the head. South and Gemini showing the glow of M35 and down to the “Eskimo” NGC 2392.

Procyon on its own with The busy M44, the sparkle of M67. Tegmine showed a settled 1.1″ separation at x100. After 10, Jupiter cleared the trees and houses. What a rich sky !
Some brightness thrown up from light pollution, the south taken by the night golf driving range. Decided to visit some (oh no!) binaries and triples.

49 Leonis gave a very delicate companion at 2.1″, little wonder this has been described as planet like !
ΟΣ215 gave a 1.4″ equal pair.
ΟΣ200 a lovely closer pair in a full field.
37 Lyncis gives a wide triple.
Two more triples in UMa, 65 Ursae Majoris and a wider 23 UMa. Thin high cloud drifted in with contrails showing that the moon was up , chasing Jupiter. 10pm , finish !
The binaries were lovely to catch at x50, it’s quite magical to increase magnification and get them to prise apart I don’t think that I’ve seen a sky so full of constellations,under
Clear skies !

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