Easy Clusters


Single 10 second shots of 3 easy to find star clusters taken 21.09.20. Cropped then used simple auto-enhance in Microsft Picture Manager. This is easy point and shoot AP.

Canon 60D SW250PDS (F5) on HEQ5

M92 in Hercules

M13 in Hercules

M52 in Cassiopeia

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  1. Thanks for the comment, Neil. My intention was to show what could be achieved with a single frame with reasonable seeing conditions and a ‘fast’ scope.
    My photos tend to be a record of my visual observations.
    I have tried multiple shots and stacking using DSS but with limited success, partly due to the limited accuracy of manual polar alignment. I also think my IT skills (and my patience with computers) are not up to producing the excellent DSO images I see from other members.

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