Eastern Veil

What’s App addicts will know that Andy, Rob and I went to Brankley Pastures for a night of astronomy and dog-worrying. They showed me some interesting objects and I got to see M51 with my own eyes! I even found a few Messier objects with just a 30mm finderscope. I think all three of us thought the best thing was a brief clear sky when, even before it was fully dark, we could see the milky way right through Cygnus and beyond.

Thin cloud made me think I wouldn’t get more than a couple of decent subs of the Eastern Veil but in the end about 12 of them showed good scores and decent shaped stars. I added these to subs from 5 August. I’m actually quite pleased with how the end result turned out, especially the greeny-blue (AKA Cyan) bits of OIII – one of the few nebulas where this is easy to photograph with a DSLR:

Eastern Veil Nebula
Eastern Veil Nebula

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  1. Considering the amount of cloud on this night you took the photos, it is amazing that you got this picture. Just goes to show how much a dark sky matters – even cloud seems to respond to a dark sky!!

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