Early Summer Triangle.

Swadlincote 200f6 Orion Optics. 26th April 2017.
Up and set up under early , dark clear skies. By 4 ,pre dawn light blew the final whistle on the Summer Triangle. The Milky Way ran lightly through Cygnus, coming to a dark stop beyond Deneb. This was a decent bit of dark sky for here !

Quite surprised to catch the “Fetus nebula” (NGC 2008),as a glow. Then a cluster trip along Cygnus starting with the huge M39. NGC 7039 is a bright cluster and NGC 7063 gave the appearance of a chair with a curved back. NGC 6866 gave some dense star clouds.

Rukh showed it’s close +6.3 companion (2.5″)as did ψ (Psi)Cygni . Σ2624 split easily at 1.9″ (+7.1, 7.4). S 738 split open as a triple (42.1″, 1.8″). This rate I’m going to ditch the fracs for observing binaries !
Couldn’t miss the huge glow of M27 with a simple SW UHC filter. Good test for a pre loved tack sharp 15mm TV Plossl. This picked out the binaries with a x2.5 Barlow , giving a useable 6mm or x200 in the scope. The single secondary vane ( Orion Optics) makes binary observation a joy.

Some detail of planetary nebulae spotted;
NGC 7027, found this to be compact and bright.
NGC 6905 ( in Delphinus) , the ” Blue flash”.
NGC 7048, faint , but there.
NGC 6826, the “blinking” planetary , doesn’t do this with the filter in.

Best of the clusters.
NGC 7039 , large and bright with compact areas.
NGC 6871, bright with four doubles spotted.
NGC 6811, half moon size , packed !
NGC 7086, faint and compact.
NGC 7083, lovely loop and chain.
M29, the “shopping trolley.”

Don’t forget the speedy “Piazzi’s flying star” delightful pair (61 Cygni) and the blood red U Cygni , a pulsating and obviously red variable( +8.5 at the moment) at 21h19.6m. +47 53’42”. This area is packed with interest , many many targets easily observable from the edge of town. Although Saturn was up in the south , the low Newt couldn’t see it through the fence, looks like the higher frac is returning !

Cracking session, superb seeing and transparency. The frost set in hard about 3.30 under those
Clear skies ! Nick.

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