Early morning galaxy show.

Up and out at 3.30 and what a sky ! Ursa Major overhead, Leo in the south with Virgo, Coma Berenices and Canes Venatici. Just a tester onto M65 and there was the Leo Triplet. I’d seen this once from here, an easy target under dark skies. An 8″ Newt is very useful on an eq mount for picking up overhead targets. To some old favourites in Canes Venatici. The glow of M94, then off from Chara onto NGC 4490 and NGC 4485. Up to the two bright cores of M51 and NGC 5195. Dust lanes to M63 (“sunflower “) , little detail in M109 and M106. Revisited some real favourites,
NGC 4449, resolved into stars at x150.
NGC 4631, the curved shape of the “whale galaxy”)
NGC 4656/57, “hockey stick galaxy”.
NGC 4490, the bright “cocoon galaxy”.
NGC 5005, bright spiral galaxy.
So many in Ursa Major, best and brightest here,
NGC 2841, bright with core and spirals at x120.
NGC 3077.
Even NGC 4236 and NGC 4125 showed in Draco.
Onto Coma Berenices and the stunning resolvable globular M53, the faint adjacent NGC 5053 by averted vision. Onto NGC 4725, NGC 4565, M85, M100,M98, M99,M88. M86 and M84 both wide apart in the fov at x50, as are M59 and M60 straying into the Virgo bowl where groups of galaxies fill the view.
Turned to Jupiter and a lovely “L” shaped arrangement of the moons on one side. Some band details, but difficult wobbly seeing here.

Cold really bit deep about 4.30, the sky is just so wonderful in these early hours. Many of these galaxies I’d given up on, it was a delight to see old favourites at x100 upto x150.  Under

Clear skies ! Nick.

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