Eagle nebula again in false colour

I am still taken with the Eagle nebula image I posted the other day, and inspired by this ESO false-colour image I found, I thought I would have a go at my own false colour image.

This is purely based on the unsaturated image I posted.

I am sure Geoff and/or Damian must have done a decent image of this at some time!

Still, not bad for an object so close to the horizon, a 100-quid camera and freebie software! (AND don’t forget, its FUN!)

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    1. Thats a pity, given its Hubble fame – !
      Yes it is low down, and in twilight. Thats why I was surprised to see anything at all! Shame really. That region has lots of good stuff in it. On balance, I still think the unsaturated version is the best. Wonder if the Rosliston observatory site will be better?

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