DSOs from last night (29th-30th Dec)

Thought I would have a look at the Trapezium in M42. Seeing was pretty poor with the stars wobbling about all over the place. The first picture sets the context, the next two have a barlow employed. You can, at least, make out stars E and F on these.



Next was a nice pair of galaxies in Cepheus.


Then C1 or NGC188, also in Cepheus. This is only about 4 deg. from the pole. To quote Stephen James O’Meara in his book “The Caldwell Objects”: “The region is largely devoid of bright stars and avoided by most amateurs whose telescopes ride on equatorial mounts; to point anywhere near the pole with such a set-up requires a truck-load of patience. For these reasons, NGC 188 could be considered one of the most forgotten clusters in the night sky.” Those of us with alt-az mounts have no such problems!

ngc188_samworth_301216 Finally, C7 or Then, NGC 2403 in Camelopardalis, another nice spiral.


Dew was now taking hold on the scope, and the cold was taking hold on me, and so, to bed!

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