DSOs 27-28/02/2019

It was such a nice night, at least for starters last night that I was tempted away from the window-sill!

First, M46 in Puppis, an open cluster that also seems to contain a planetary nebula, NGC2438. It isn’t in the cluster, in fact, it is just a line of sight effect. Since I couldn’t get the whole of M46 in field, to set the scene, the first image below is from the window-sill telescope from last year, followed by last night’s images:

Here is an enlarged and further processed version of the planetary nebula.

Then on to two little known open clusters in Gemini, NGC2129 and IC2157

Then some quite tricky galaxies in Coma Berenices, NGC4274 and NGC4559 (C36).

Finally, another pair of tricky galaxies in Virgo, the “Siamese Twins” NGC4567 and NGC4568

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