DSOs 02-03/10/2019

Last night looked pretty promising and it was the last chance to get out before going away for 2 weeks +. However, once outside the sky seemed very hazy, making it impossible to go hunting for very faint DSO. So had to be satisfied with a few brighter ones. I thought it might be nice to look at the M31 companions, M32 and M110 for a change. So here they are. Not very exciting! You can only see the central sections.


Clusters seemed appropriate in the circumstances, so here is M34, as I hadn’t imaged it before. Probably on account of its size. This image is in fact a mosaic of four.

After that the sky had cleared a little so I went for M1, the “Crab” nebula, as I hadn’t looked at that for a while.



M32 and M110 were from 20 10-sec frames, M34 was from 20 1.2-sec frames and M1 from 40 10-sec frames.


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  1. These are super images especially Crab Neb. I had similar experience in Hartshorne north of Swadlincote, sky looked good but I even had trouble resolving Gt Cluster in Hecules. Condensation somewhere was partly to blame I think.

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