DSO hunting in Bootes – Canes Venatici – Coma Berenices 18-19/04/2018

A fine night at last! Haven’t been outside for quite a while with the trusty PD camera, so here are a few DSOs I imaged last Wednesday night. Apart from the obvious ones, NGC5466 is a small obscure globular cluster in Bootes not far from the better known M53. We have also got M100 in Coma Berenices, NGC4298 & NGC4302 in Coma Berenices, NGC 4618 & NGC4625 in Canes Venatici, NGC 4214 in Canes Venatici, NGC 5371 in Canes Venatici & C45 / NGC 5248 in Bootes,

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  1. I couldn’t see that detail! Possibly need to move to Hawaii- or Skye after reading the earlier post! I was starting at Vindemiatrix and working my through the Messier galaxies around there- 60, 59, 58 and then 90, 89, 88. I couldn’t see much detail but the shapes were apparent, and I could see a few ngc’s as well when I was just scanning round the area. It’s really incredible just how many galaxies are in that area. Should keep your PD camera busy for a while yet I’d say!

  2. With the 14″? What did you see? I quite liked the spiral arms on C45! Stephen James o’Meara has just about got them in his sketch with a 4″ in “The Caldwell objects”. From Hawaii though!

  3. Great stuff Roger. I tried to do some pictures last night but my power pack died suddenly so was visual only but was looking in the same bit of sky last night… Just great to have a clear night again !

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