Dr Who Themed 60th Birthday Party!

Friday 28th Dec… a birthday invite from one of J’s friends.

Was thinking there could be plenty of ‘doctors’ present and considering the general age – probably the ‘Baker’ variety.

Couldn’t think of an easy to produce idea until the day before (and no access to large format printers anymore). On a walk I had a brainwave, so we took a detour to Tescos and purchased a pack (5 pairs) of ladies knee length tights for the grand sum of £2 ! Then stuffed them with tissue paper and held together with a couple of elastic bands.

All in-keeping with the good ole days of Dr Who monsters / Blue Peter card and sellotape!

Not forgetting something black to wear and a sigma graphic cut from a piece of silver card.

Add a ‘Moon desk light’ (watch battery powered), plus a USB extender cord, stuck together with a foam sticky pad for one prop, then a Christmas battery powered Christmas decoration – with addition of a cable tidy for the second prop…. and voila!

Ood do you think we are!


A hand-made K-9 made a surprise appearance also…


We were something of a hit with the kids!

Loved this – a Tardis, painted onto an (empty) Jack Daniel’s whisky bottle (plus Weeping Angel !)

The kids liked their (chocolate) rocket…

And we took a few bottles of some space themed drinks for the adults too…


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