DIY : Newtonian spinning ring.

A five minute fix. Get a 3m length hose clip band and clips off eBay. Get some pvc electrical trunking, from eBay or DIY store.

Measure and cut the trunking to the exact circumference of the ota. Cut a length of hose band an inch longer.
Place the trunking around the ota at the focuser side of the tube rings. Get it snug against the tube ring. If there are wings on the hose clip sides, gently file these flush to the band.
Put the band in place to fight over the trunking and gently tighten the hose clip. You need to ensure that the trunking is snug to the ring. Tighten and job done. You can add a further band to the other ring.The top ring will stop the ota slipping and give a smooth spin.

The ota will now spin smoothly in the tube rings.
In the uk , most targets can be seen if you place the focuser opposite the weights. It’s a good idea to mark the tube and rings to position it for North and East. When starting observing rotate the tube to that position and progress from there.

It’s a very quick and cheap upgrade and makes a difference to spinning the tube under
Clear skies !

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