Disrupted early frog egg – unknown whether fertilised

I obtained some frog’s eggs from a friend’s pond and we are growing them in my ad hoc “pond” (a bucket that also contains my pond weed – see previous post).
I sacrificed a couple of the eggs today to see what they looked like under a microscope.
The picture below shows the general structure of a frog egg.

My photos show a large amount of green-coloured but otherwise featureless oval objects which look to me similar to starch when I look at bread under the microscope – I suspect (but am not sure) that this is the contents of the yolk sac.

Apart from this, I also see multiple small motile cells that look like bacteria in the video. Seems strange to have bacteria in the egg but it in water so possibly is not sterile. Also possible that the bacteria come from outside egg and have contaminated sample from water in bucket when I prepared the slide.

All x32 objective, bright field, Zeiss IM microscope.


Large numbers of small dots in next photo which ? bacteria – especially see centrally

Even more small black dots here which are moving visually…..

The following videos show these moving black dots which I suspect are bacteria:

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