Demonstrating 3D structure of cell walls in moss from St Michael’s Church graveyard 20/1/2018

A sample of moss from St Michael’s graveyard in Lichfield collected today 20/1/2018 was soaked in water and a small drop pipetted onto a slide and coverslip added. The pictures below were taken using my Bresser MikrOkular camera Zeiss IM microscope with 32x long working distance objective and Phase Contrast (Ph1 annulus). This is an amazing activity to do when it is snowing outside and solar observing is definitely not possible!


The following is the combined image of 15 subs at different levels – combined to produce single in-focus image using Helicon Focus:

The cell walls can be clearly seen in the image above.

The following picture is the depth map from the above slide – something not obvious in the flat image above:

Its relevance is that this ability to pick up depth from multiple photographs taken at different levels in the sample allows the software to model the 3D structure of the sample.

Frames captured from 3D model of the field of view above generated by Helicon Focus – cell walls are made of collagen and last after death of the cell (which is why you can sit on a wooden chair). The images below show the 3D structure of the cell walls in the sample from different angles:

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