December Meteor Activity.


Happy new Year to one and all, have attached the daily and hourly meteor rates for December.














The Geminids peaked over the 13th/14th dec, with max activity at 04:00 on the 14th.The gradual increase in activity from the 8/9th due to activity from several other minor showers over the period 8th – 12th, the lack of any other activity accounting for the sharp cut off after the 14th. The Ursids peaked on the 22nd, slight increase on 18th possibly due to combination of Ursids and other minor shower.















No activity logged between 09:00 on 28th and 23:00 on 29th, consensus is that Graves was offline, maintenance possibly??.

A quiet end to the month, look out for the Quadrantids January 3th/4th, 11pm to early hours, luckily moon is not a problem.



Pete Hill

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