Daystar Quark Calcium-H filter on Skywatcher Equinox Pro 80mm Telescope

At the science day today, (see, I tried using my Daystar Quark Calcium-H line filter today with my Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 80mm telescope. Although the filter showed the disc well, it did not show up the (rather small) sunspot present on the sun today, nor any prominences. Granulation was obvious.

My feelings so far are that visually the H-line calcium filter helps the disc to be more visible BUT not necessarily showing up more detail – perhaps that needs a camera? Mind you, my experience of using the filter is limited so I might be wrong……

Certainly easier to see the disc of the sun than when I tried in past with calcium-K PST.

Peter (Hill) – how are you finding your Baader calcium filter?


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