Daylight spectrum analysed with PCSpectra Software

I captured my previous spectrum using software which appears to be not compatible with the PCSpectra Software that came with the CCDSPEC Spectrometer.

I have now purchased Nebulosity 4 software as recommended by Dr Elliott and this makes a massive difference – allowing me to conduct analyses as below.

The following are from a daylight spectrum recorded at approx. 18:20 on 22/7/2018 simply by pointing the CCDSPEC spectrometer with QHY6 camera (without cooling turned on) at the window in our home study and recorded 0.2 second exposure using Nebulosity 4 software running under Windows 10 (64 bit) on my Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series laptop. Image was saved as FIT file and analysed with PCSpectra Software using settings and options stated in the manual that came with the CCDSPEC.

The link below is to allow download of the calibration file used for the wavelength calibration in one of the images below. This calibration file is specific for the particular CCDSPEC+QHY6 camera combination and was created by Dr Elliott and supplied with the equipment. It needs to be included in each folder with spectra in order for the PCSpectra Software to provide output in wavelength rather than pixels on x-axis.



Access the original FIT file here:

Daylight with CCDSPEC 220718@1821 FIT file

Image of the spectrum in this FIT file:

Daylight with CCDSPEC 220718@1821-XAxisProjection.bmp – this image shows pixels:

However the inclusion of the calibration file created by Dr Elliott for my CCDSPEC and QHY6 combination allows the x-axis pixels to be converted into wavelength:

Daylight with CCDSPEC 220718@1821-YAxisProjection.bmp:

Daylight with CCDSPEC 220718@1821-Histogram.bmp:

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