Dark sky report.

Glenluce Bay . Dumfries and Galloway. 11/10/18 15×70 binoculars.

Away from light pollution , the skies here have been stunning .Some greenish glow of northern lights from the north west. These are some of our darkest skies and our fourth trip here.

The clear bright Milky Way ends at Deneb, then switches to the side of Cygnus at Gienah through to Aquila. From Deneb to Albireo it’s bright then ends. The rifts , coalsack and tears of this area are stunning by eye.

Facing Triangulum, M33 is bright and spiralled. Bodes(M81 and M82 )both in the view showing their shapes and brightness. Even M51 shows that it’s more than a single glow.

One span of Cassiopeia, to the left , you’ll find length of “Kemble’s cascade”. It looked like a long straight rod with hockey stick ending . Really stunning sight.

Had a look at some clusters. M39,M34, double cluster, clusters of Cassiopeia including NGC 7789, “Carolines rose” . A scan along Cassiopeia and Cygnus gives plenty clusters. Tried x8 binoculars on the double cluster . Got both with a chain going up to the huge Stock 2. Just a stunning sight.
From Sagitta found M27 , bright and very obvious in the Vulpecula starfield.

Looked for the usually obvious Cepheus , could only find it looking for the bulge from the MW. Mu Cephei , Garnet star very bright at the base. Constellations in the Milky Way just de shape into the background . Even pointing binoculars at a bright known star and it soon melts into the granular star background.
Below Aquila , plenty clusters down to Sagittarius, a packed sky to our galactic centre.

Lovely to easily see the constellations such as Delphinus , Lynx and Pisces by eye. Before packing up got M13 and then up to get a very bright M92.

Wind got up, yellow storm warning on the way.
Really lovely sky , might bring a scope next time,
Clear skies !

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