Cygnus colour.

Battle of the forecasts, sScopenights app says clear all night, clearoutside ; computer says no. Quite dark and pleased to see the sinking crescent moon. Allset up and a trail of the Milky Way with the ISS brightly running down Cygnus. A few other bright ones later , in all directions.Started off with a wobbly Saturn, low in the south.

Some favourites in Cygnus, kicking off with a return to the fast “Piazzi’s flying double “, 61 Cygni. A cheery pair , just perfect. Then some real colour , very much worth finding, omicron 1 Cygni (30 Cygni) with 30 Cygnus. A wonderful orange and turquoise combination in a lovely star field.This is a complex (triple ) visual group with many designations
Some really great colour in Σ2666 in Cygnus (SAO 49438).

Down to a fabulous view of Theta Saggitae, probably the nicest view of a triple group in this arrow. Mains being yellow and blue. The star is a subgiant about two billion years old.
Just getting cracking and the clouds massed and blew in so fast it made the stars appear to move backwards. Between the clouds it looked very clear and dark.

Checked out a few of the old timers including NGC 7789 ( ” Caroline’s Rose”) looking spectacular , double cluster and a great view of M31. Worth getting out there ,
Old Nick.

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