Cracking first night of 2017.

img_4374As soon as it got dark I was surprised to see the full bow of Orion and darker skies than usual at Swadlincote. The seeing however was dreadful, I was unable to separate even 3″ binaries. Couldn’t split the lovely 15 Monocerotis in the Christmas tree of NGC 2264. Had a look at Auriga, Gemini and Orion. Then Vesta in Cancer, kept returning to this to watch the position change.M67 is a lovely delicate cluster here.

There was some nebulosity up by Gemini in (the “Monkey Head nebula”) NGC 2174 in the cluster NGC 2174 .Lucky to get ┬áIC 418 (“Spirograph nebula”) without a filter.Over to the cherry “Hind’s Crimson star”.Then over and under Sirius for M41, a real favourite.

Up to Cassiopeia for the double cluster , NGC 663 and NGC 7789. Cloud poured in from the north. I got up at 3 to check out any Quadrantids, but after sitting half an hour in deep frost gave up. Going to peak on Tuesday early hours. A cracking clear night, hoping for more this year ! Clear skies !


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  1. Glad to hear, Nick, that you managed to get outside last night. It was a brilliant night! One of those nights where it was really worth making a special effort to set up telescopes/EQ mounts etc. I managed to observe several objects I had not seen before, including my first foray into the Ursa Major galaxy cluster.

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