Cooked salmon meat under microscope

We had fish for tea! So here is a small piece of salmon meat (cooked) seen under Zeiss IM microscope bright-field with x4 and x32 objectives. Bresser MikrOkular camera.


x4 objective – the lines show divisions between bundles of muscle fibres. They go in the same direction as the muscle fibres are orientated in the same direction:

x4 objective – I think the muscle fibre bundles are facing more towards us in this image hence the change in shape of the dividing fibrous tissue lines:

x4 objective – torn end of muscle:

x32 objective – the end of the muscle sample – torn off from the fish this shows the broken end of the piece of cooked muscle:

Single frames:

Helicon Focus stack:

Helicon Focus 3D model from above stack:

x32 objective – the following photo shows striations across the fish muscle. I am not sure what this is, but it might be end of view of the muscle fibres or separation of fibres as a result of denaturisation from cooking process:

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