Continuing to fix roof on our log cabin observatory

This post follows on from our previous post:

Next stage of putting new shingles on roof of our log cabin/observatory in Lichfield

Rhys and I completed the rows of shingles on our observatory roof in our garden. The most difficult bit was the final row at the apex, which involved particular cuts of the shingles (as per IKO video on YouTube).

Rhys did most of the difficult work up on the roof of the log cabin today – and the final look of the roof is excellent due to his carefulness re: alignment, etc.

We tested the roof afterwards using a hosepipe and not a drop of water leaked inside so looks like a job well done. Very pleased.

Now I need to finish off the edges. I am going to paint the cabin with creosote (the real McCoy) and get it up into all the nooks and crannies I get reach under the edges of the shingles before tacking them down along the edge. I will then screw batons along the edges to hide the edges of the shingles and improve the look. I still need to pop into Tippers in Lichfield and buy these batons.

Today, Rhys and I walked down to Wilkes to buy paintbrushes, including an extendable one and another for getting around corners. All this effort is because the last time I painted the log cabin with creosote I got a little bit on my arm and it irritated it for a week. I will be wearing goggles and I have also bought some of those veterinary gloves that go right up your arms to protect me this time. Horrible stuff – but then since I painted the cabin with it three years ago there has been no more fungus appearing.


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