Confirming that Graves radio transmitter is up and running in France (used for radio meteor scatter) 9 Apr 2017 15:43

Just to say… I can confirm that Graves (143.049MHz) is definately workin as ‘normal’   i just connected my IC-706 radio up to my Moxon aerial on the tower.. No computer connected – I just used headphones.. After about ten mins i just heard a brillo ‘ping’. !

It must just be a very sparse time for any meteor activity.!  Graves is fine mate.   73…

Have tried a further test.  Took the IC-706 outside..mounted that 5/8 vertical I recently made 2 poles high..listened just on headphones.  Weak pings heard.!  All good stuff…73

Can say with confidence that 5/8 vertical performs excellent.. Have heard several meteors some weak others pretty potent.. 2 poles high… Higher in the air would be even better of course.. 73

Bill. G4EHT

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