Cone and California Nebulae (Manflu=Processing Opportunity)

A touch of lurgy at the moment has given me an opportunity to catch up on some imaging processing. The cone was the trickier of the pair- it’s much less bright and because there’s lots of gas around it, finding some background to calibrate on was not easy. Also, in my efforts to strip light pollution (both moon and LED) from the RGB subs I’ve removed any Oiii signal which I know is present somewhere in this! California was easier as it has higher surface brightness.


14/2/19: Ha – 14x 10 min subs (yes- my wife is very understanding)

21/2/19: RGB – 40x 2.5mins subs


14/2/19: Ha – 14x 10 mins subs

9/1/19: RGB – 12x 5 mins subs


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