Comet C/2019 Y4 ATLAS from 6/5/2020

I took another picture of this comet earlier this week 6/5/2020 – only had time for about 20 x 1 minute frames. Used darks and flats but suffering from some banding I can’t process out, even with PixInsight or Photoshop.

The nucleus of this comet is currently breaking up. I did not think I could see this in my image initially – not obvious in the first low resolution image. However, I have upped the resolution (increase image size in Photoshop and cropped further into the comet) and in the following two images at higher magnifications it does appear that the nucleus is elongated.

I have also included again at the bottom my image from 17/4/2020 (this version processed with Damian’s help) so that you can compare the current images to the one 3 weeks ago – do you think there is elongation of the nucleus in the current image compared to this previous image?

May be we see what we want to see!


Damian’s comment: Sadly I think he right!

“It’s a good shot, but so don’t think you have the resolution to resolve the nucleus. I’d say the elongation is drift and movement plus the brightness of the nucleus and the tail coming off it…”

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