Clear ,but little contrast .

Swadlincote 22/3/17 Orion Optics 200 f6

Before the sky darkened it looked clear, but light was thrown about like a door left open at a planetarium. I tried all the favourite galaxies, but there was little contrast. At last an averted view of the comet in UMa (41P/Tuttle-Giocobini-Kresak).At first at x50 , it looked like there was nothing there. I moved the fov around and increased magnification to get a slight delicate sight by averted vision. Quite a challenge under town skies with 8″.
Once again binaries drew my attention, until a few pleasant hours later, cloud appeared in the east and the air fairly bubbled !
49 Leonis with its small delicate companion, always draws with it’s description of being like a planet .
Iota Leonis, a delicate 1.7″clear at just under x150.
Σ1431 again at x150, catching the bright 44 Leonis. Over to UMa and
Talitha (ι) and very lucky to catch the companion in the glare.
Σ1559 showed wider than 1.8″ in a packed fov.
57 UMa is an old favourite.
With 8″ aperture, I found the fainter companions a lot easier. The straight vane of OO gives nice clean diffraction discs. I tried some more galaxies,M106 and M64 appeared, but no greatshakes.
A lovely evening made better by the forecast of downpours,
Clear skies !

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