changing guide camera on CCDSPEC spectroscope

I have had 2 x QHY6 cameras attached to my CCDSPEC spectroscopy but as this camera uses an ASCOM driver only one camera can be seen by my laptop at a time which means that in order to use a camera as well in the eyepiece port for finding and guiding on faint object whilst spectrums are taken I need to use 2 x laptops at same time (one for spectra and one for guide camera). What a nuisance! Today u have changed the QHY6 camera in the guide port to a T7C camera (clone of ZWO ASI120MC – uses same drivers) and using a 1.25 inch extension tube focused on the spot and confirmed that both cameras can be used simultaneously in my Dell Windows 10 laptop.

  1. QHY6 camera for spectra – take photos with Nebulosity 4 and use ASCOM driver. Camera plugs onto USB 3.0 port on laptop.
  2. T7C camera in guide port on CCDSPEC. This uses ZWO driver and use SharpCap (currently I have version 3.1.5220 installed). This camera does NOT work when plugged onto USB 3.0 port so needs to be plugged onto USB 2.0 port on laptop.

I have also picked up another of Damian’s habits = which is labels over everything!


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