CCDSPEC spectrum of Vega 4/8/2018

Taken just before midnight 4-5/8/2018, I tried using EZCAP software but then found that Nebulosity 4 gave better images. There was no interlacing effect with images of Vega through the Skywatcher 120mm DS Pro refractor up to 6 seconds in length (I presume because camera is not receiving > maximum tolerated amount of light). Even though the scope (on EQ6 Pro) was not properly aligned, it tracked sufficiently to keep the star in the slit for 6 seconds or longer.

The EZCAP-based calibration file gave incorrect wavelengths on the graph so I resorted to using the Nebulosity-based calibration file from 29/7/2018.

My spectrum clearly shows the Hydrogen Balmer series of lines.


Compare to this typical spectrum of Vega from

Or this one from

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