CCDSPEC guiding setup 2/5/2019

This is my proposed CCDSPEC guiding setup based around my Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 80mm refractor. Directly behind the OTA is Teleskop Express Off Axis Guider/Flip Mirror with T2-2″ eyepiece adapter, into which the CCDSPEC is inserted.

Orion XY adjustable 9mm illuminated eyepiece in the CCDSPEC currently and an astrometric illuminated eyepiece in the off axis guider/Flip Mirror, although I intend to later change this for another Orion XY adjustable illuminated eyepiece.

Alongside the main OTA is a finder with helical focused and another illuminated eyepiece. This can be adjusted via its mounting rings to point at the same object in its cross hairs as seen in the CCDSPEC.

Hopefully, this setup will allow me to get a spectrum of M57 Ring Nebula!


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