M35 and NGC2158 from the window-sill

Oddly, I have never imaged the M35/NGC2158 field before, so here is one from the window-sill tonight before it clouded up. It was at the extreme top of the window – not ideal, optically, even by my standards!

Coincidentally, the field of view is similar to Andy’s image intensified view a while ago. See https://roslistonastronomy.uk/image-intensifier-photographs-from-observing-session-17-18-11-2017-home-made-image-intensified-eyepiece-samsung-s7-phone-orion-uk-10-dobsonian-lichfield

This allows us to compare what you would see “live” with an integrating video camera to that with an image intensifier, bearing in mind the intensifier was attached to a 10″ dob and these images are from indoors with an 80mm refractor.

The image above is a processed one from a stack of 40 images at a senseup of 128, ie a 2 1/2 second integration time per image and a total exposure of 100 seconds. ie the view refreshes every 2 1/2 seconds.

If we stack 4 and 8 of these we can see what you will see “live” with a refresh rate of 2 1/2, 10 and 20 seconds, and that is what the following 3 images are, (unprocessed).


Insomnia Rules OK

Well, I seem to have joined two clubs recently. One is the insomnia club, and the second is the Roger Samworth School of Double Glazing Photography

I was awake in the early hours today and just happened to glance out of the window to see this fantastic sight. It’s (from left to right) Venus, Moon , Jupiter and Antares


NIce, huh?


This astronomy lark seems to be feast or famine; after a few weeks of clouds we suddenly get 2 nights with clear skies! Great to read about others experiences. I had a really enjoyable observing session on Sunday night, plus over Sunday and Monday I was able to image the Rosette (RGB to add to the Ha from a couple of weeks ago), the Soul nebula and Pacman.

Despite getting 3 hours of exposures on the Soul Nebula (I left the camera running overnight and also managed to get 3 hours of pictures of the shed wall!) the initial stack looks like it’s going to be disappointing so I’ve had a go at Pacman instead.

45 mins of guided 5 min subs before the clouds rolled in on Monday night!