Focus points for 183M on William Optics scope

As found tonight, using William Optics acrylic Bahtinov mask.

Note the t2-extension tubes required to make the Tele Vue 14mm Radian eyepiece in the finder port of the TS-Optics OAG/flip mirror par-focal with the camera. This number of extension tubes means the eyepiece has to be pulled out slightly but when I tried next size up on one of extension tubes then eyepiece could not obtain par-focality.

Flame and Horsehead from the window-sill

Looking out of the window last night it was clear, but a cloudbank was approaching – – -!

Orion was well placed from the window-sill, so decided to have another go at the Flame and Horsehead nebulae. (NGC2024 and Barnard 33 embedded in IC434) before the cloud got in the way..

Here is the result:

And unsaturated:

Clearly not a patch on the images produced by our expert members!

But bearing in mind that it was from indoors, and was a stack of only 39 10-second frames giving a total exposure of 6.5 minutes, I am quite pleased with it. The smaller NGC2023 at the centre of the frame is also visible.

Group observing 29th November

Well, it was a very cold night but great fun, with loads of people taking part. I managed to get some quite pretty Orion shots.

Setup was SW 102 F5 refractor with a T2 to 2″ adaptor containing a 2″ Optolong UHC filter connected to an EOS 750D camera. This is the processing of the first of 3 sets of subs that I took. I like the colours. The pictures of the scopes were taken with iPhone 7 and NightCap app

I enjoyed the evening and it was nice to see some many members, and non-members involved