A Full Moon…

Away in Wales at the moment and regretting not bringing a scope (this wold have been so much better); but here’s a picture of tonight’s full moon taken through a 300mm zoom lens. A bit of a crop, but no other editing- the reddish colour is a reflection of the sunset.

Looks good through the 12×70 binoculars as well!

Polarising objectives for LOMO Polam P-113

Another ebay bargain – 7 pristine polarising LOMO objectives – scary ordering these as posted from Russia and I wondered if they would turn up…..

But when they did, each lens was carefully wrapped in a small piece of bubble wrap and the whole box carefully packed in another box – subtlety unlike the Americans who I have found wrap everything in a solar system’s worth of bubble wrap!!!!


The “new” (second hand) LOMO Polarising objectives:

My existing LOMO Polam P-113 Polarising microscope on which I am using these new lenses:

Bright field vs. crossed polarisation views of microscope slide of material from LRO pot pond 28/5/2018

I used the centrifuge to concentrate down material from “open water” in the pot pond (i.e. not near edge or bottom or plants) and views the result in the LOMO Polam P-113 microscope, by bright field & crossed polarisation.

Note that such open water samples do not contain diatoms – which are famously birefringent.


Birefringement material pot pond slide 280518@1642, x20 objective:

Birefringent material slide from pot pond 280518@1703, x20 objective:

Insect on slide pot pond water 280518@1626 panorama, x20 objective:

Slide from pot pond: birefringent material shown in sequence as I moved the second polarised filter from 0-90 degrees so that the sample moved between crossed polarisation and bright field, 280518@1639 (below):

Slide from pot pond highly birefringent organisms brightfield x20 obj 280518@1635: