Iris Nebula

Probably spent far too long processing this one, but I really wanted to try and bring out the dust. Still not quite happy with it, but been looking at it too long and need to walk away- for a while at least! Also noticed that there was a touch of tilt on the stars. I spent a while adjusting it… and I’ve made it worse!! So much for my DIY skills.

This is an 1 hr 20 minutes data from 14th. 30 second subs at 250 gain in SW200p- 20 mins of Blue and Green and 40 mins of Red (it clouded over before I got to the blue and green second time around!)

Sorting out planetary imaging….focus point for ZWO 385 MC camera

I have had terrible difficulty getting planetary images so, with Mars high in the sky, now is the time to sort it out!

First step – obtain focus.

Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 100mm OTA + Tele Vue 75mm extension + 2″-1.25″ adapter + ZWO 385 MC camera with 1.25″ nose piece. The following photo shows the point at which this combination obtains focus when the telescope is in my lounge and I have aimed it at roof on neighbour’s house at end of garden about 150m away – the furthest terrestrial object I can see from my gouse/garden.

Obtaining focus with similar setup and location and object but using 35mm extension tube instead.

Veil Mosaic

When I posted my East Veil shot I said I was going to try and do a mosaic! Here it is. This is a jpg as even a compressed PNG is huge, seems a little over-saturated now I’ve uploaded it.

The Veil Nebula, a mosiac of two frames.
The Veil Nebula, a mosaic of two frames.


Iris Nebula

I revisited an old target last night hoping to get more of the dark nebula round it. My initial target was M31, however the skies were very light polluted due to it being relatively low in the sky. Until I get my L-Pro filter, this beauty may have to wait.

As the night progressed and the nebula was getting closer to the zenith, i did encounter some guiding issues which resulted in some frames being dropped from the stack. But all good experience.

The managed to get 2hrs of images before the clouds rolled in and was just finishing my calibration frames when the drizzle started. I have never packed away so quickly in my life!!

Here is the Iris Nebula.