M42 – Orion Nebula

Been waiting since I took up this hobby to image this. The Orion Nebula. Not taken from the garden this time, but the drive! Sat in the cold for over 4 hours waiting for Orion to be in the right position. It was worth the wait.

William Optics GT81
Altair 294c Pro tech
Optolong L Pro
60 x 60s

I’ve been working on the Pacman nebula over the past few days but I thought I’d make a start on the California the other night. I’m Just amazed the difference this mono camera is having for my narrowband images.

Look forward to adding some more subs and potentially OII and SII

16 x 5min HA




My new baby – Sky Watcher SkyMax Maksutov 180mm

Well, new to me any way. 2nd hand off AB&S – bought specifically for planets.

“First Light” (for me) was on Tuesday night – Mars big – limited detail as very windy but held planet in field of view quite a few minutes – some surface detail but hoping for more on still nights.

Also tried it on Double Cluster and Pleaides – OK but without the zazz of my 10″ Dobsonian! (as you’d expect 10″ just brings in the light and gives that wonderful diamonds on velvet effect I love so much!)

…..But clearly has resolution.


Heart Nebula – revisited

I had previously imaged the Heart Nebula at the start of my Astrophotography journey back in May. At the time I was delighted with the image. However, 5 months on, new scope and new editing skills I thought its time to revisit this beautiful target. I have attached my previous image and the new one, that now also includes the Fish Head nebula.