Spectrometer Calibration

Developing a spreadsheet to calculate higher order polynomials for spectrometer calibration 10/8/2018

In the early hours of this morning, when I was having difficulty sleeping, I decided to have a go a seeing if I could do this (nothing on TV!) A few Google searches later and I found some good links of polynomial equation calculation and Microsoft Excel.

So this is my first attempt at working out polynomial equations, in orders from linear to 4th order – I am very proud! (Although please let me know if it is a load of rubbish!!)


Download Polynomial Calculator Spreadsheet:

Calculation spreadsheet for higher order polynomials Excel Andrew Thornett 100818

Screenshot of 3rd order polynomial calculation version of above spreadsheet, compared to Dr Elliott’s linear calulation spreadsheet for same data:

Resources on sodium vapour discharge lamps (street lamps)

One of my next tasks to do with my spectrometer is to take a spectrum of the street lamps outside our house.

Here are some resources on low pressure and high pressure sodium vapour lamps found around Lichfield streets:









Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb spectrum for calibrating spectroscopes with wavelengths of principal lines marked (Wikipedia 4/8/2018) (Spectrometer Calibration, CCDSPEC Calibration)

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb Calibration Spectrum with wavelengths of principal lines marked – from Wikipedia below, reproduced under Wikipedia commons licence (I have annotated it with the wavelengths also given by Wikipedia although on that website they were in a separate table).


Example of a Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb:

Spectrum of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb:

Compact fluorescent light bulb calibration spectrum with wavelengths from Wikipedia 040818 (Downloadable PDF File of picture below)