Mercury transit

I was trying to find some decent images of the Mercury transit from the UK. There weren’t that many!

This one looked good:

And then there is the good old faithful Pete Lawrence! (Not sure where from, though)

But this one takes the prize!

Transit of Mercury 11/11/2019

Managed to catch the first few minutes of the transit before having to go out.

The first image is poor as it was culled from only a few frames of the raw avi. At least its early, between 1st and 2nd contact.

Similarly the prominences were derived from only a few frames.

The second and third are better, as there was a few seconds gap in the clouds for each image sequence.

I then had to leave – – – !

Worth the effort? Yes, bearing in mind I will be 85 in 2032 – – -! Sporting chance I won’t be here then!


Sun today – 03/11/2019

Some interest today, after dodging the cloud cover!

A nice set of prominences, and two small sunspots.

There is the relic of AR2750, and the newer AR2751.

AR2750 seems by its magnetic polarity to be a member of new Solar Cycle 25, whereas AR2751 has a magnetic polarity that identifies it as a member of old Solar Cycle 24.

When contemplating these “small” prominences, it is quite sobering to retain a sense of scale. Here is an image with some sizes on it and our own Earth to scale – – – !