Peter Bolas Observatory

Peter Bolas Observatory – Photos with dome on top

Those of you who were able to join us at a really good meeting this last Friday evening are already aware …… but for those of you who were not able to be there – Friday 26/1/2019 was ‘D’ Day for RAG …… ‘D’ for Dome Day !! ….. see the pictures below.

The Dome had been sitting in its stored location for almost four years – consequently, it was a very weird feeling watching it being transported over to the Observatory site – and eventually being placed in position !

We began negotiations for the Observatory five years ago (at the end of January) ….. and now the building exists ! Actually the access gate was installed as well, on Friday.

The Dome installation isn’t complete – but it is in place ! Then we have the floor and the pier still to be concreted, doors fitted, and electricals installed.

……..and so we progress !



The PBO – latest

Hi Folks


The builders have now finished for Xmas so I thought I’d just send a quick update as to where the build has got to. The walls are up, the roof is on, the path is laid

They are back on Jan 3rd to do the next stage of the concrete pour (the floor and pier)

I have attached a few pics  from today. The site is still like a swamp due to all the rain over the last few days


The PBO – First few days

Hi Folks,

As you’ve seen from Heather and Andy’s blogs, YES,IT’S ACTUALLY STARTED !!!!

I’ve been taking loads of photos and the timelapse camera seems to be working very well. So far it’s taken about 10000 photos. Of these, obviously only a small proportion are relevant, so if anyone wants 6500 photos of an empty field, let me know. The individual photos are 5MP

I’ve just added a few photos here of the important bit – the pier base. It’s the bit I was sweating about the most. The first pic shows Tim standing in the pier base former. He’s about the same height as me so you can see it’s going to be a fair chunk of concrete. As you can see from the second photo, the ground is anything but level. Three of us did a lot of checking to prove that the rebar skeleton is really vertical. I know it doesn’t look it !!! The land is on about a 7 degree slope in three directions.

The third photo shows the first concrete pour of the base , ready to be topped up when the full column is added. The final floor level is to the top of the plywood

The fourth pic is the completed footings just after the cement had been poured. Don’t worry, it’s not that shape – it’s a panoramic photo

I’ll be doing a full update at the RAG end of month meeting., along with my talk on fractals

I’ve tried to upload a low res version of one day’s timelapse (PBO12Nov_640_480.avi). It’s 29MB so I don’tknow if it will work.

When everything’s done, I’ll get Andy to upload the full version. With just 3 days of the build it’s up to 73MB so far but needs editing etc.