Noctilucent Clouds

Noctilicent clouds seen on way near Whittington near Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK, 27/6/19 @ 23:21

On my way home from work in Tamworth last night, I saw these noctilicent clouds looking towards Lichfield. I only had my Sony Xperia ™ L1 phone with which to take photos so quality is poor but this is first time I have seen them this year!

Images below unprocessed except the first image which has been processed slightly using Photo Editor Pro on Xperia L1 and the other brighter one where attempt at processing slightly using the Sony Xperia L1’s inbuilt photo editor.


Photo taken on Sony Xperia L1 phone, processed in GIMP2:

Photo taken on Sony Xperia L1 phone, processed slightly using Photo Editor Pro on Xperia L1:

Photo taken on Sony Xperia L1 phone, unprocessed images:

Photo taken on Sony Xperia L1 phone, processed slightly using the Sony Xperia L1’s inbuilt photo editor:

Photo taken on Sony Xperia L1 phone, unprocessed images:

Fading Noctilucent Clouds

Popped out for a quick session on Friday night and there was a lovely Noctilucent Cloud formation to the North, so I popped my camera on a tripod and recorded it.

The video above was using a Canon SL1 at 22mm f4 taking 265 shots between 23:49 and 00:30. I used Pixinsight for a curves tweak and some unsharp masking and then Videopad to string it all together and add a bit of music.

The red light in the foreground for part of it is me setting up the dob. It doesn’t really add to the ambience- but it led a pretty good session despite needing to do a bit of cloud dodging. Finally got the Binoviewers dialled in for some good views of the Double Double, Izar, Albireo, M29 and M57. Really surprised that at similar magnification they outperformed my 7mm Celestorn X-Cel Eyepiece- the split on Izar was really clear, and the companion was a vivid blue, wheras the Celestron had them fuzzier and less colourful. Even Saturn came out to play- and despite hugging the horizon, the seeing gave me glimpses of the Cassini division plus Titan, Rhea, Dione and Enceladus. Best of all was M13- it resolved close to the core, but with tails everywhere- it looked like a ball of wool after a kitten’s been at it!

Noctilucent clouds from 2011

Roy Wood was a member of our group who used to love taking pictures of astronomical and weather phenomena with his hand held camera. His fantastic pictures used to put most of us, including me, to shame.

Damian and I recently published photos of noctilucent clouds over alichfiekd this year (2018).

Here are Roy’s photos of similar clouds from 2012 from our club’s archives.


Noctilucent clouds over Streethay

Yes, the same ones Andy has also posted!

Woke up, looked out the bedroom (back) window… could see them bright as anything. Shot round to the front and grabbed camera. Couldn’t get the angle from my office window. Tried Julie’s office window (also on the front), but no joy… Headed downstairs in dressing gown and into back garden. Pulled wheelie bin out (for small tripod) but still no joy! Opened side gate and plonked tripod on car roof and started taking pictures…. rang Andy’s mobile – no joy, rang house number…. got a pretty vacant “…..heeellloooo…”. I think my curt response went something like…” Andy, it’s me, you need to get your arse outside, Noctilucent clouds..!”

This is a 1 second exposure @ f/2.8. ISO 200, 48mm focal length was shot at 3.30am on Friday morning 6th July 2018

My trusty old full frame Nikon D3 on a small travel tripod, itself sitting on my car roof.


Off the iPhone6…

Noctilucent clouds galore!

Ean Ean and I viewed an amazing display of noctilucent clouds which was seen best out of our bedroom window (I feel like Roger although I did have window open) in the centre of Lichfield today at 3:30am. The pictures below were taken with either my Samsung S7 phone or Sony A350 DSLR. It was morning twilight and getting quite bright sky in the west just before sunrise with Belt of Venus visible.the clouds extended from approx. 15-60 degrees altitude – over massive area from almost direct north to nearly direct west.

I need to thank Damian who called Ean Ean and myself to make us aware of this incredible display and allowed us to see our first good noctilucent clouds.

Incredibly exciting!


Possible noctilucent clouds Whittington 28/6/2018

I think I may have seen noctilicent clouds on my way home from working at Robert Peel Hospital tonight. As I was driving towards Whittington, I saw this display of almost fluorescent blue shown on the photo below. Is this noctilucent clouds? Let me know what you think. Photo taken at 23:45 British Summer Time. Roughly 52 degrees North latitude. UK.