Garden microscopy

Microscopy of culture of moss collected 7 days ago

This sample was collected from our garden 7 days ago and kept in an open jar of water.

The contents of the jar had separated into a top layer of moss floating on the top, an intermediate layer of very cloudy water and a bottom layer of debris on the bottom of the jar. I have tried to sample all three layers in the pictures below.


x20 objective bright field sample from bottom of jar – debris layer. This shows large numbers of bacteria.

x32 objective bright field bottom debris layer:

Moss 7 day culture bottom jar layer video x32 objective Phase I annulus:


x20 phase contrast I debris layer bottom jar:

x32 objective phase contrast I debris layer jar:

x20 objective phase contrast I cloudy liquid layer between debris on bottom and floating moss – I am not convinced that this is phase contrast even though I labelled it as such – looks like bright field to me now:

x20 bright field liquid layer between debris and moss – video:


x20 bright field one single moss plant from the floating moss on top of the jar. If you look carefully you can see hundreds of bacteria surrounding this plant:


Microscopy of sample of earth from garden pot in Lichfield 3/9/2017

I looked at a sample of earth from a garden pot today – to see if the organisms present varied from those in Stowe Pool yesterday. Objectives used included x4, x10, x20, x32, x54, x100.

If you thought that the dirt in your plant pots looked like it was just dead rubbish, then look at the video below – it is alive!! Mostly ciliated organisms and diatoms, also multicellular organisms, also ciliated as can be seen by their movement. Lot of single celled protozoa. At higher magnifications, small numbers bacteria could be seen (with x100 objective – even though it was not a phase objective, I did use phase plate though to view these bacteria and it significantly helped to show them).


VIdeo (x4, x10, x20, x32, x54, x100 objectives):

Photos (x4, x10, x20, x32, x54 objectives):

x4 objective

x10 objective:

x20 objective:

x32 objective:

x54 objective: