Fish microscopy

Fish fin Mikrocam 5-0 Leitz Laborlux 11 011219-0005.png

Unprocessed, unstained photos of section of fish fin from Sea Bass.

Black and yellow pigment is visible – as magnification increases it can be seen that the pigment is not neatly laid out but looks almost as though someone has thrown ink out of end of pen onto the fin! Pigment is produced by pigment-producing cells so this must reflect the distribution of those cells in the fin.


x4 objective:

x10 objective:

x20 objective:

x40 objective:

Wild Sea Bass Fish scale x20 objective Mikrocam 5-0 Leitz Laborlux 11 011219

These are unstained, unprocessed images, contrast improved using the condensor on the microscope rather than processing.
I presume the grooves enable better water flow around the fish so that it swims more effectively and efficiently. A scale is made of dead skin cells but I don’t know how big those initial cells were and hence what sort of scale the cellular size is in this image.
Taking these photos encouraged me to start researching fish scales online – there is a massive amount of information and it is interesting to see how it matches the photos I have taken here!

Cooked salmon meat under microscope

We had fish for tea! So here is a small piece of salmon meat (cooked) seen under Zeiss IM microscope bright-field with x4 and x32 objectives. Bresser MikrOkular camera.


x4 objective – the lines show divisions between bundles of muscle fibres. They go in the same direction as the muscle fibres are orientated in the same direction:

x4 objective – I think the muscle fibre bundles are facing more towards us in this image hence the change in shape of the dividing fibrous tissue lines:

x4 objective – torn end of muscle:

x32 objective – the end of the muscle sample – torn off from the fish this shows the broken end of the piece of cooked muscle:

Single frames:

Helicon Focus stack:

Helicon Focus 3D model from above stack:

x32 objective – the following photo shows striations across the fish muscle. I am not sure what this is, but it might be end of view of the muscle fibres or separation of fibres as a result of denaturisation from cooking process: