LOMO MOB-1-15xy4.2 micrometer microscope ocular

LOMO MOB-1-15 micrometer eyepiece/ocular used on Zeiss IM microscope

Another nifty bit of second-hand kit! Easily fits over end of eyepiece holder on Zeiss binocular eyepiece adapter. I can use the individual focusing adjustment on the other eyepiece to (just) bring it into focus together with the LOMO micrometer eyepiece – no more in-focus available but it worked nonetheless – just enough. Also the focusing collar on the Diagnostic Instruments adapter allowed me to bring into focus at the same time as these previous two the Bresser Mikrocam 9.0 microscope camera – no I have achieved microscope nirvana!

The micrometer eyepiece allows very precise measurements of objects under study with the microscope.