Bresser Mikrocam 9.0 camera

Microscopy S annectans Finis Shale Texas x4 objective Zeiss IM microscope 26/11/2017

Damian popped around and together we looked at a slide of fossilised coral from the USA.

Stereocorypha is a form of extinct coral. The slide here is from Jack County, Texas. Photographs were taken on my Zeiss IM microscope with x4 objective, using the Bresser Mikrocam 9.0 camera and Diagnostic Instruments adapter and ZU clamp, with Zeiss 910137 dual observation adapter (originally designed for a teaching microscope but bought into use here to allow both the binocular head and ZU clamp to be simultaneously used on the IM microscope).

The following slides show:

  • Three images of the same field of view to demonstrate the (limited) effect on this slide of using a single polarization filter. The filter used is one made by Zeiss.
  • A composite of 49 pictures combined using Microsoft’s Image Composite Editor.

Andy & Damian

Bresser Mikrocam 9.0 installed on Zeiss IM microscope:

The photos in the composite were taken using a blue filter. The set of three were the only ones using polarising filter – in this case one made by Zeiss. This is single linear polarisation NOT cross-polarisation:


A set of three images to demonstrate effect of polarisation on the same field of view:

Without polarising filter:

Polarising filter position I:

Polarising filter position II:

Composite of 49 images taken using blue filter (non-polarised):

This file is so large I have had to ZIP file into a compressed folder. The picture within it is a 70% quality JPEG version of the composite – the only way I could get such a large photo onto WordPress!

S annectans Finis Shale Texas x4 obj Zeiss IM 261117 (stitched x49 photos)JPEG-70percent-cropped