How to use this website

First post (and first image)

Whilst I’ve browsed this site on and off over the years, I’ve never got around to posting anything on the blog. And now I want to, I find I’m not sure how to do it.

That is, I can add a new post, of course by selecting the New button, and I’ve even selected a category. But we are asked to add a second category, with the name of the poster, and to add a category if one doesn’t exist. I cannot see any way to do that. Will keep looking, but please say if you know how, or point me at some instructions if there are any.

Meanwhile, I uploaded an image for the first time yesterday and I’m wondering if anyone can see it. Andy had a look during the meeting and couldn’t find it. I can see it myself, but I wonder if anyone else can. Do I need to do something else to make it public?

Derry North


Posting Large Images

I suspect I may have a LOT slower internet connection than most RAG members, and one problem I have is that large photos take a very long time to load. The ‘latest posts’ page typically takes 5-10 minutes is there are lots of new pictures that my computer hasn’t cached.

I’m afraid Ken’s very nice rosette is taking a few minutes on its own – which is what has prompted me to post this!

When you insert an image into a post you can select ‘link to media file’ and choose a relatively small display size.

This means the post loads with a smaller version of the image, but if you want full resolution you can click on the smaller image to see it.

Once you have chosen a setting it stays as a default until you change it.

If you have 50MB/s broadband you are probably wondering what I am grumbling about, but believe me, with my 2.9MB/s it makes a big difference 🙂





Instructions for posting on this blog – how to categorize posts

Each post you publish on the blog should be categorized in at least two categories:

(i) Name of the person publishing the blog – choose this from sub-categories under “Contributor” – if your name does not appear add a new sub-category with your name.

(ii) The nature of the post – e.g. “Astrophotography – Solar System” or “Observing” or “Radio-Astronomy”. Check the existing categories before adding a new one.

It is acceptable to categorize posts under several categories.

You are also able to add tags to your post.