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Posting Large Images

I suspect I may have a LOT slower internet connection than most RAG members, and one problem I have is that large photos take a very long time to load. The ‘latest posts’ page typically takes 5-10 minutes is there are lots of new pictures that my computer hasn’t cached.

I’m afraid Ken’s very nice rosette is taking a few minutes on its own – which is what has prompted me to post this!

When you insert an image into a post you can select ‘link to media file’ and choose a relatively small display size.

This means the post loads with a smaller version of the image, but if you want full resolution you can click on the smaller image to see it.

Once you have chosen a setting it stays as a default until you change it.

If you have 50MB/s broadband you are probably wondering what I am grumbling about, but believe me, with my 2.9MB/s it makes a big difference 🙂





Instructions for posting on this blog – how to categorize posts

Each post you publish on the blog should be categorized in at least two categories:

(i) Name of the person publishing the blog – choose this from sub-categories under “Contributor” – if your name does not appear add a new sub-category with your name.

(ii) The nature of the post – e.g. “Astrophotography – Solar System” or “Observing” or “Radio-Astronomy”. Check the existing categories before adding a new one.

It is acceptable to categorize posts under several categories.

You are also able to add tags to your post.