History of Astronomy

Visit to Herschel Museum in Bath

Ean Ean, Rhys and Hannah and I visited the Herschel Astronomy in Bath on the way back from a weekend trip to Wells. The Herschel Museum of Astronomy at 19 New King Street, Bath, England, is located in a preserved town house that was formerly the home of William Herschel and his sister Caroline. Its patron is Queen’s Brian May and the introductory video is narrated by Patrick Moore. It was from this house, using a telescope of his own design that William discovered the planet Uranus in 1781, and below are some pictures from the garden from which this observation was made. The photos are from our visit today.

The objects in the pictures below are in some cases the Herschels’ own or those of people close to them. Other aspects of the house are re-creations to give idea of what life was like when the Herschels lived there, including items from the same era.

Andy, Ean Ean, Rhys and Hannah


Sketching at the telescope

In the course of having a discussion with Nick about sketching, I found my first observing notebook, page 1 of which is reproduced below.

I thought it might be of some interest!

The telescope, if I remember correctly (it was 54 years ago!) was a brass ‘scope of my father’s which I had “adapted”.

The notebook stops in late 1964, when I discovered other things that 17 year-old boys of that time could do in the evenings!

There is then a big gap until 1997 when interest revived!

Anyone got anything earlier?