Barton Solargraph.

Thanks to Damian for the spare piece of photographic paper (I’d run out), have now set up my solargraph on the support poles of my Raspberry bed on the allotment.

Instead of a “normal ” pinhole  I’ve attached a laser cut 0.3mm pinhole from the Pinhole factory ( google it)

The camera is pointing due south with a view over the sheds and trees on allotments as well as the National grid pylon, lets see what happened in 6 months time Dec 21st!

Check out ( 21st June 2017) for what to expect and further links to producing solargraphs.

Pete Hill

Solargraph – ready!

Yes, a day or so early… but I’m off straight after work tomorrow night to see my mum at her caravan in South Wales – so it was today or never!

This is second time lucky for this location (between Leominster and my run to my B&B). Two years ago (after waiting for the full six months) I returned to collect to find the hole had been, I think, pecked through!

The best way to get a fine pin hole you see is to drill a bigger hole first into the tin. Then cover with strong (turkey) foil and then pierce that with a needle to get a nice fine hole. Only for the birds to be attracted by the shiny foil and peck it out!!!

Well not this time birds! Used a No1 drill to go straight through the can – see how you get on with that…

I suppose we’ll find out in six months then!

It’ll be interesting to see if the wire fence (which the camera is behind so the sheep don’t rub against it), will come out in focus or be a surreal blur with the Church as the main focus…

Julie has instructions to start the one at home, my sister has hers, J’s dad has his and Andy has two as well…

And you can have one as well come the meeting at the end of the month. Yes, we’ll be a few days past the longest day, but still loads of time to get a great image – I’ve used up the paper and got six new ones ready to go. £5 a pop – first come first served, monies going towards the observatory fund.


Heading towards the Solstice…

So decided to make use of the predicted nice weather Sunday morning to start the refurbishment of the RAG Solargraphs – bigger job than I first realised!

Plus make some new ones (been saving the lids from Pringles for some time as ‘J’ rations them!)

New blackboard paint and tank tape purchased…

Look at all them lids – ‘once you pop…!’    😉

I think I’ve got just enough cable ties, old broom handle and photographic paper to renew those for family and friends and bring along perhaps 6-7 new ones to the next meeting. It’ll be just a few days after the longest day, but still plenty of time to get a good sequence ’til December….

So if all goes well over the next weekend or so to finish these, I’ll bring them along for anyone at the group to purchase (all funds to the Observatory, so bring along £3 – £5 if you’d like one. The next lot will be a tad more to cover the cost of new cable ties and photographic paper).