Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 100mm OTA

Focus point on Sky Watcher Equinox 100mm scope with Tele Vue 3.5 inch extension tube and 2-1.25 inch adapter for ZWO ASI385MC camera with 1.25 inch nosepiece

In my ongoing attempts to successfully take a photo of a planet, first step is to focus and get image of window on neighbour’s house at bottom of garden – gives me approx. focus point for stars/planets – last time I tried to photograph a planet I couldn’t see anything on the laptop!

I really am not very good at this astrophotography stuff…


Sorting out planetary imaging….focus point for ZWO 385 MC camera (Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 100mm OTA + Tele Vue 75mm extension + 2″-1.25″ adapter + ZWO 385 MC camera with 1.25″ nose piece)

I have had terrible difficulty getting planetary images so, with Mars high in the sky, now is the time to sort it out!

First step – obtain focus.

. The following photo shows the point at which this combination obtains focus when the telescope is in my lounge and I have aimed it at roof on neighbour’s house at end of garden about 150m away – the furthest terrestrial object I can see from my gouse/garden.

Obtaining focus with similar setup and location and object but using 35mm extension tube instead.

Quark Sodium Filter Solar videos from 25/6/2020

Videos from solar surface capture with Daystar Quark Sodium FIlter, Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 100mm OTA, ZWO ASI 174 MM camera 25/6/2020, captured in FireCapture on Windows laptop.

Each video is an AVI nearly 2GB in size.

Click on links below to download these files:

Sun_162333_250620_ZWO ASI174MM(23710916)080920@1242

Sun_162245_250620_ZWO ASI174MM(23710916)080920@1240