Sky Watcher DS Pro 72mm OTA

Focus points and balance points for Daystar Hydrogen Quark Solar Filter on Sky Watcher 72mm DS Pro OTA without star diagonal and HEQ5 Pro mount

I am using a 0.5x Astro Engineering AC555 0.5x Barlow lens screwed onto bottom of Quark.

Notice that Quark can’t go fully into 2″-1.25″ adapter due to fact that extension on bottom Quark from AC555 would damage 2″ UV filter on bottom of that adapter if I pushed it in further. In spite of this I can’t fully push extension tube into focuser or otherwise the Quark won’t reach focus. This is first time I have successfully used Quark without star diagonal and extension tube required to make up for length of light path in star diagonal.


Focus positions for QHY10 with TS OAG/Flip mirror on Sky Watcher DS Pro 72mm OTA

Note use of 35mm extension tube between scope and TS OAG/Flip mirror – however in this configuration eyepiece will not achieve focus although camera will. Need to replace 35mm extension tube with shorter T-adapter which will push camera out further from TS OAG/FM and allow eyepiece to also focus.


Absolute frustration! Astrophotography – when it all goes wrong!

After my initial successes, tonight was a total disaster.

My HEQ5 Pro refused to align properly – even though it said it had successful alignment it sent the scope all over the sky when I did a GOTO. I ended up factory resetting it and this improved things…..but not enough to find Andromeda Galaxy or M81/M82 with GOTO. Ended up manually star-hopping to them.

My Sky Watcher Equinox Pro focuser slips too much – to such an extent that it keeps losing focus. I will need to ask Lee to look at it. I ended up giving up on it and changing to my Sky Watcher DS Pro 72mm.

This meant I had to re-focus the scope – my one success tonight was the first successful use of a Bahtinov Mask.

However this means that the TS Flip Mirror/OAG won’t obtain focus in both camera and eyepiece at same time – I need a shorter adapter TS Flip mirror to scope to create more back focus behind it. So tonight I used the scope with the finder eyepiece out of focus. Camera was in focus though.

Once I got all working and found M31 and was ready to image, suddenly the QHY10 was no longer recognised by Nebulosity and refused to reconnect even after switching everything off and on. It had been working all night.

Then clouds rolled in and stopped play.

Very frustrating!