Equatorial Platforms

Resolving the problem of my Dobsonian telescope falling off the equatorial platform when the platform is at an angle

My solution to the problem of my telescope falling off my Equatorial Platform. I have replaced the central bolt of the Orion UK Dobsonian telescope with longer one and bolted the base of the rocker box to the top of the platform. I have replaced the nut with a wing nut so that I can easily attach and detach the rocker box from its base.


Equatorial Platforms USA compact wooden platform for 52 degrees North – Photos of Platform & User Guide (Instruction Manual)

My latest acquisition, being testing with my Dark Star 12 inch Dobsonian telescope.

Equatorial Platforms USA 52 degree compact platform user guide scanned 19/3/2020

From my tests today, the power connection port is CENTRE POSITIVE (12V DC) – i.e. same as the cable used for powering HEQ5/EQ6 mount or my QHY10 camera. It certainly powers up using one of the 12V power supplies for my WD MyBook USB external hard disc drives – which is what I was using in photo below.